Fallen Sword

My friend Nick showed me this fun mmo-ish RPG. There is no classes you just pick your stats and all the fighting is done automatically but you can apply skils that add more stats and you can get weapons that are dropped from enemies you can fight Rats, Cannibels, Leopards, Vampires, Demons, and more! its browser based and is really really addicting. Click below and then click sign up! and add me im kaya122.

Click this link to go to the fallen sword website.


PS1 Emulation (Legally of course)

I found some good Ps1/PS2/ DVD Ripping software. Its called Alcohol 52%.  So I ripped Spyro 2 for the PS1 and and downloaded an emulator and started playing!

Reviewing for Novanoah

I am going to start reviewing console games for novanoah.com starting this or next week. The first game im revewing is Boomblox. Ill post when the review is done.

a funny interprtation of the brawl theme song

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