Zune, FF3, MLB power pros, DQ Swords.

Well as some of you may know my birthday was on monday and i have a tone of stuff to talk about! First off i bought an 8 Gig microsoft zune with my birthday because my ipod was stolen at summer camp. So far im loving it. The software i like in some ways better than I-tunes but the marketplace has a very slim selection especially with videos. I also found out there is a hidden feature that microsoft just wont come out and say but its still cool- Zune games. Yup games and apps for zune, they are user created using the microsoft XNA games studio and there are some good ones!

ok next on the list  Final Fantasy lll on DS. Its my second Final Fantasy my first being FF Vll on the PS1. I chose to get FF lll instead of FF lV is because i like the class chossing system of FF Vll better than the class system of lV. So far i am loving this game its so addicting and the story is decent. More on it to come as i progress.

Yesterday i picked up MLB Power Pros 2008 because ive been just wanting to get a new baseball game. Its  quite agood game but i just have one major gripe about it. I got it has a more complex game of wii baseball figuring from the reviews that it was all motion based. I was wrong. For the main game it uses none of the wiis motion sensing capabilities. Instead there is a mode entitled “MLB power Pros Via wii remote”. And its pretty much just a version of wii sports baseball with MLB teams, maybe even a even more skimped version. But that aside its good game and has wealth of modes. There is a mode where your the GM of a MLB team of your choice, there is an RPG-like mode where you upgrade your stats and buy new batts, Gloves and cloths and then use them in a game. Overall its a pretty good game but ive only spent a few hours on it, so ill update again later with this one also.

Now last on the list is Dragon Quest Swords for wii. I got this game on friday as a birthday gift. Im really enjoying it so far, Fun Gameplay, Decent story, and the dragon quest monsters that i love. The controls can be a bit unresponsive but you get used to it. Its very short ive put in 4 hours and am at the second to last boss. I would recomend it just dont pay over $40 for it.

Well Thats all i have today hopefulyl the next update will be in less then 2 months lol.

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