a funny interprtation of the brawl theme song


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I finally got brawl this sunday and it is AWSOME!!!! It was so worth the wiat. Though the online is broken for everybody 😦


Walmart just called(8:30 PM) and said I can come pick up my copy of Brawl tommrow!!! I will be posting what I think of it later this week


Thre is only 2 more days left till Brawl!!! YEHAAAAA!!!. and tommorow I get to spend the night at my best friends house 🙂

BRAWL…….BRAWL……NO I Dont Want dinner I WANT BRAWL!!!!!!

I can not wait any longer!!!!!!! I know its only 6 days I know but of all the reviews only one wasnt a perfect score and it was 9.5/10!!! Well i guess ill have to wait unless…………naaaa nvm I guess ill have to wait 😦

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