Brawl Anticipation

Well with only 15 days, 6 Hours, and 51 minutes till Super Smash Brothers: Brawl is released I am starting to get so excited I am dreaming about it every night and salivating every time I hear about it. With all the new characters in the game(Yes I know all of them, just gos earch youtube.) and all the new Game modes, this is going to be the biggest game on wii do date. On the cover of Tips and Tricks Magazine The cover said Quote: “Super Smash Bros. Brawl is it the greatest game ever?(yes yes it is)” So If you have a wii (or dont) Buy this game the day it is released on: March 9th



  1. As good as brawl sounds, there has to be a flaw, nothing is ever too good to be true. I reserved Brawl back in October and I have grown bored of it, I could care less.

  2. I don’t have Brawl but yes, I am tired of hearing about it. For a long time now Brawl has been delayed and it makes me so mad. For instance, Twilight Princess was set to come out in October or November of 2005 but instead it was delayed until April of 2006 and then delayed for most of the year until November of 2006 when the Wii version came out with the Wii, which I got for Christmas, but the original Gamecube version that I had reserved since mid-2005 didn’t come out until mid December. That makes me so mad that they get everyone so worked up about games and then at the last two weeks, bump it up a couple of months. Couldn’t they just secretley move the release date without alarming the gaming folk?

  3. Aww, don’t be so pesimistic!

    I got a Wii recently, although I can’t get it to connect to the internet right…

    Kinda boring with only a few games. Brawl looks REALLLLLYYYY cool. Really. Really really cool. And here I am salivating over this cool new gaming laptop, that is way too expensive for me to buy. *drool*

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